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Razor concertina wire characteristics

The main characteristics to which you must pay attention:

The length of the barrier stretch.
Length stretch of the wire, declared by manufacturers, very often differs from reality. The main condition - the distance between the spirals must be within 390mm. We try to increase the distance between blades, as a consequence, to establish a highly efficient frontier defenses.

For example: the declared length of the coil is 10 meters. The actual installation length, in order to fulfill the conditions of 250mm between turns may be only 8 meters, respectively, all calculations must be made on the basis of the length of 8 m. The diameter of razor wire spiral – is chosen for each object (plot) individually. The more detailed requirements will result in maximum efficiency. Secondary - the ability to install, efficiency. The larger the wire diameter (450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 70mm, 800mm, 900mm, 950mm), the higher the price for the products.

The quality of raw materials for manufacturing:
These options will help you determine how durable and reliable your fence will work. Galvanized barbed tape thickness should lie between 0.5 - 0.55mm. Using of a thin tape does not initially affected the efficiency of the concertina wire, but in the long run will reduce the service life of the barricades several times. The wire must be galvanized, and if the wire is black iron without zinc coating, soon you will lose the barricade.

The finished concertina wire coils must be tight. The galvanizing surface of the razor wire tape after compression should not be damaged during the process.

Razor wire features:

  • Razor wire (also known as barbed tape) is modern version of barbed wire.
  • It is designed to prevent intrusion along perimeter barriers.
  • Fabricated from high tensile wire (making it virtually impossible to cut with standard tools).
  • Feature multitude of razor-sharp barbs that are formed at close intervals.
  • Barbs are designed to have piercing & gripping action.
  • Wire & strip are galvanized to prevent corrosion.

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