Barbed Wire Property Right Solution Due to High Security, Strength

Barbed Wires – Strong Terminator to the Non-Healthy Competition of Property Rights in the Western United States According to true history, the United States promulgated more than three hundred and sixty patents and spent eighty million pounds in barbed wires in the 1860s. What was the significance for the event? Because most of animals belonged to migratory animals, the western United States couldn't define property rights according to the law of animals cave so as the eastern United States. Building walls in wide plain to divide private area costed highly at that time. Therefore, they used man walls, composed of riding-horse cowboys, to endeavor to define private property rights in the wide plain. In the following time, barbed wires terminated man wall successfully and defined property rights of the western United States officially.

Why did barbed wires play so significant role in the process of property rights definition in the western United States? Here are the reasons:

  • High anti-corrosion property and durability. We will recommend two following surface treatments if you only use barbed wires as fence:
    • Metallic coated. For the surface treatment, we recommend the three specifications:
      • 12-4-3-14R. 12 gauge twisted strand wires, 4-point, 14 gauge barbs, spaced 3 inches on center.
      • 12-4-5-14R. 12 gauge twisted strand wires, 4-point, 14 gauge barbs, spaced 5 inches on center.
      • 12-4-3-12R. 12 gauge twisted strand wires, 4-point, 12 gauge barbs, spaced 3 inches on center.
    • PVC coated. Barbed wires adopt powder coating surface treatment to prevent corrosion.
  • High security and strength. Barbed wires with puncturing and cutting razor blazes, made of high-tensile wires, have excellent anti-climbing and anti-touching performance.
  • Low price and maintenance.
  • Easy installation.
  • A cow is in the fence which is made of many barbed wires.

    BWF-01: Barbed wires fence with high anti-climbing trait can protect your animals escaping and deter thieves stealing and damaging your property.

  • Barbed wires fence is installed in the wide plain with sparse people.

    BWF-02: Barbed wires fence can help you consolidate your domains easily without two much money and manpower.

In conclusion, barbed wires can change the history of the western United States at that time, and now it's convenient for you to utility barbed wires to save more money and manpower in farm or where the possibility of involving land property.

Besides, our barbed wires can be mounted on the top of other fences to enhance security. You can custom according to your requirements.

  • Barbed wires are mounted on the top of chain link fence.

    BWF-03: Barbed wires on the top of chain link fence can improve security for factory by deterring thieves entering.