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Chain Link Fence Tech Information Helps You Know The Fence

Here are the latest security fences specifications in stock, such as welded fence panel, concertina barbed tape, heavy welded wire and so on. The fence panel or welded mesh packing in roll can be available.

Razor wire as one type security fence system is widely used in gardens, zoos and airports. Razor concertina wire as wire cutting barrier is ideal selection. Here is the steps of how to install razor concertina wire.

Razor wire, razor concertina wire, razor wire features and characteristics give razor wire fence in many applications as security fence, razor wire fence, razor barbed wire fencing in airports, roads, other fields.

Razor wire refers to barbed tape. We can supply some kinds of barbed tapes, such as medium blade profile, short, ultra barb blade and long blade type.

Razor wire specifications include reference number, razor wire blade type, the razor wire diameter, barb length and barb width, barb spacing.

Razor wire or barbed wire fence is widely used as security fence with chain link fence in highway, airports, prison and other places. Here some razor wire fence application drawing.

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