For Better Using of Razor Wire Trailer Deployment

  • A white switch with black handle on a green razor wire trailer deployment.

    This switch is used to control the razor wire stretching and contraction: turning right is contracting and turning left is stretching.

  • Two switches on orange color trailer: blue and white switch. And on the switch, there are two red electric wires.

    These two blue and white switches are master switch: the right side controls the lights and the left side controls the contraction of razor wire and motor power.

  • A black handle is like a flashlight on a green rectangular bar of a razor wire trailer deployment.

    This handle is used to control the speed of razor wire and the speed of motor power.

  • A push-button with red top is on a green trailer deployment.

    The red one is the switch of light. Pressing the button and the light is on, while turning out by rotating the light is off.

  • A round handle in a rectangular hole on the green trailer.

    This handle controls the stretching of razor wire. It decides whether the trailer is used with the motor power, that is you can use the motor or not. And turn right: make separation with motor power. Turn left: connected with motor power. Especially, when the trailer is stretching the razor wire and the handle should turn left without motor.