List of Security Fence

  • A roll of galvanize welded wire mesh with a half roll is spreading.
    Welded Wire Fence

    Welded wire fence, made of carbon steel or stainless steel, with zinc coating or PVC coating combines with concertina razor wire for security fencing.

  • A hand on a welded wire fence; the back of the fence is a white house.
    Welded Wire Security Fence

    Welded wire security fences as high security fences and perimeter barriers are widely used in prison and airport areas, increasing apparently security levels.

  • A dark green PVC coated welded 3D security fence with 3 curves is installed as a security wall for building fencing.
    Welded 3D Security Fence

    Welded wire 3D security fence with beams made from mild or stainless steel, provide strong, durable, structure, used for factory, garden, farm fencing.

  • A dark green PVC coated welded double wire fence is installed at a football field.
    Welded Double Wire Fence

    Welded double horizontal wire fence with endurable and stable structure for security widely used for court, farm, factory, park fencing.

  • With barbed wire topping, a white PVC coated prison security fence is installed at a power station.
    Prison Security Fencing

    Prison security welded fence combined with razor barbed wire is designed to high level security fence system, widely used in prison, hospital, railway station.

  • The top of security palisade fence with triple head corrugated W section combines with spiral razor wire and the section under the upper rail combines with 358 fence.
    Security Palisade Fence

    Security palisade fence from S235JR material with corrugated pales is used widely to protect buildings with high security and stability.

  • Combined with razor wire, expanded metal fence with small mesh size achieves high level security.
    Expanded Metal Security Fences/Barriers

    Expanded metal security fence combined with razor barbed wire is designed to high level security fence system, used in highway, court, farm, military border.

  • Roll top fence has rolled beam section at the top and bottom edge of each panel with no sharp or raw edges that is installed as swimming pool fencing.
    Roll Top Fence

    Roll top welded fence features unique roll top and bottom structure to achieve high safety, ideal for school, park, playground, pool, airport fencing.