For Further Understanding of Razor Wire Trailer

  • Headstock Operating Razor Trailer

    This video shows when razor wire trailer is contracting and how the headstock operates. In this video, you will see the rope mesh is wound on the rope mesh axis through the rotating of chain.

  • Stretching Razor Wire Trailer

    This video shows the stretching of concertina razor wire. Putting down the concertina razor wire and fixing it well, you drive the car forwards and the concertina will be stretching.

  • Contracting Razor Wire Trailer

    This video shows the contracting of concertina razor wire. You find the right switch of contracting and stretching and turn right. Then the razor wire trailer deployment will contract the concertina razor wire automatically.

  • Contracting Detail Razor Trailer

    This video also show the contracting of the concertina razor wire. But in this video, you will see more details of the contracting process.