Wall Spikes

Unwanted entry onto your property is an intrusion of your privacy, could result in damage to your property and make breaking into your buildings easier and less risky for any would be thief or vandal. Anti climb wall spikes are an effective and robust security device that is ideal for protecting walls, security fencing, gates and flat roofs among other things.

Razor spikes (wall spikes)

  • A line of wall galvanized wall spike on the ground.
  • razor spikes

Feature: follows contours of wall; neat appearance; easy to install; low cost; effective intrusion deterrent.

Use: They can be fitted to most walls, fencing, gates and buildings.

Razor spikes (wall spikes) specifications
Material 2 mm toughened steel
Coating options hot dipped galvanised-powder coating optional extra
Spike length 100 mm
Standard length of spike rail 1.45 m / 1.8 m
Spikes per meter 20
Packing 10 units inside cardboard box

Razor spikes (wall spikes) application

  • Wall spikes are installed at the top of the chain link fencing.

    Wall spikes are used with chain link fencing for site security.

  • Wall spikes are installed at the top of palisade fence.

    Wall spikes are used with palisade fence and razor wire to improve security grade.

  • razor spikes application
  • razor spikes
  • Wall spikes are installed at the top of wall.

    Wall spikes are widely installed at the top of wall to deter intruders.

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