About Us

Anping County Yujun Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that emphasizes on innovative technology and production. Taking advantages of its location in Anping city, our mainly produces razor wire , barbed wire and chain link fence.

Manufacturer main products are barbed wire, razor wire and chain link fencing.

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Barbed wire: single twist barbed wire, double twist barbed wire, traditional twist barbed wire, galvanized barbed wire, PVC coated barbed wire, barbed wire fence.

Chain link fence: PVC coated chain link fence, galvanized coated chain link fence.

The mission of Anping County Yujun Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. is to provide high quality, low cost and effective security products including barbed wire, chain link fence, razor wire ribbons, concertina coils and flat welded razor wire mesh products to meet the challenges of the war of aggression, preventing the invasion and protecting security. Our razor wire is the consistency of engineering design, structure and composition, and is in accordance with national defense, national and industrial standards. All products are made from barbed wire abnormal tough, high-quality stainless steel parts. Most of our products are for export to Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Anping County Yujun Metal Mesh Co., Ltd. would like to cooperate with worldwide customers. For more information about our products and services, please contact us.

A combination picture of razor wire roll, razor wire inner wire and razor wire barb.