Wall Spikes–Stronger and Greater than Barbed Wire

Wall spikes are also called razor spikes, which has various types for choice. Compared with barbed wire, wall spikes take up less space, and the cost is lower, but the firmness is stronger and the deter effect is greater. It's widely used on walls, gates, buildings, fences and so on for high level security fencing.

  • Three rows of wall spikes of different types, one is blue PVC coated, the other two are galvanized.

    WS-01: Various kinds of wall spikes with different surface treatments and colors.

  • Several lines of galvanized two-strand barbed wires with barbs twisted on the line wires.

    WS-02: Galvanized barbed wires with two strands of line wires.

Specifications of wall spikes

  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized, powder coating, PVC coated.
  • Common color: white, black, blue, yellow.
  • Plate thickness: 0.8 mm - 2.0 mm.
  • Spikes length: 64, 100 mm.
  • Wall spikes strip length: 500 mm–2000 mm.
  • Standard length of spike rail: 1.45, 1.8 m.
  • Spike height: 110–140 mm.
  • Base width: 50–65 mm.
  • Spikes pitch: 70–90 mm.
  • Spikes per meter: 20.
  • Packaging: 10 units inside cardboard box.

Features of wall spikes

  • High security, effective intrusion deterrent.
  • Follow contours of wall, anti climb.
  • Neat and beautiful appearance.
  • Low cost, easy to install.
  • Harsh environment resistant.
  • Corrosion and rust resistant.
  • Durable and long service life.

Differences between barbed wire and wall spikes

  • The space used for installation
    Wall spikes take up less space than barbed wire, but the deter effect is stronger.
  • The firmness of installation
    Barbed wire combined with the post is easier to be cut by people, but wall spikes are fixed to the wall by using the expansion screws, and made by the sheet stamping directly.
  • The cost of installation
    Wall spikes use more materials than barbed wire, so it costs much more, and it's often just used for residential or prison protection. But barbed wire is used for various road surrounding fencing.

Applications of wall spikes

  • Installed on concrete walls for residence fencing.
  • Installed on various gates for personal safety.
  • Installed on buildings to prevent climb.
  • Combined with various fences for security fences.
  • Two rows of wall spikes are installed on the concrete wall.

    WS-03: Wall spikes on concrete wall.

  • Galvanized wall spikes are installed on the palisade fence.

    WS-04: Wall spikes on palisade fence.

  • Four lines of barbed wires are installed with wooden posts for farm fencing.

    WS-05: Barbed wire fence for farm fencing.

  • With barbed wire topping, chain link fence provides high level security for plant fencing.

    WS-06: Barbed wires combined with chain link fence for security fence.